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Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Faith | 0 comments

If you have ever been to my Facebook page and perused through some statuses you’ll know I take public transportation. ‘The bus’ is a fascinating mode of getting to and from work or to and from home, however you see it. I see many things. Interesting things. Boring things. Alarming things. And people. Alarming people.

Today, though, as I was on the bus I looked over and saw a human being. Not just ‘a guy’ or a person over there, but a human being. For a moment, God allowed me to sense the presence of this human being’s spirit and as notable, this human being’s Guardian Angel. I didn’t see anything. No clouds parted or rays of sunshine protruded from anyone’s head, but for a brief moment I sensed the presence of this person’s magnificent Guardian.

A priest once told me a good way to keep close to God as I rush through my day is to greet the Guardian Angel of the people I pass by. Well, this morning I greeting this Guardian. To sense the Angelic was as frightening as it was powerful. I knew this being was there.

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