About Me

Hi, I’m Nancy. My life revolves around my beautiful family. I’m not being a snob. They really are beautiful! All of them: my husband, Darwin, the love of my life. My son Spencer (almost 4), daughter Eva (2) and Hazel (4 months.) I work outside the home while my brave husband runs a business from home and multi-tasks to care for our children during the day.

Our Catholic faith is the center of our lives. My sin of pride just comes right out up when I see one of my babes reciting a Hail Mary. (I’m telling you – they really are super cute.) ┬áNext task: The Baltimore Catechism. One question at a time. (We are currently on number 4. It’s slow going.)

I love to cook and bake and crochet. Sometimes I get really crafty and sew or make my own envelopes out of something quirky.

From time to time I get a thought in my head and like to put it down. I usually type it all up and email it to myself for posterity but then it gets buried in the ‘cloud’ (ask an IT professional what that is) and I fear I’ll never find my thoughts from way back when. My husband decided I needed a blog to keep track of all my thoughtful meanderings.

Thanks for reading.