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Jesus wept

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Faith | 1 comment

I was feeding my baby, Hazel, this evening and I was trying to think of something to think about. Funny, to think about what I should be thinking about but nursing a baby takes some time and I’d rather focus my thoughts than let them drift from pointless unmemorable thought to unmemorable thought that will vanish within moments of something actually worth thinking about coming into my head. I had already said my Rosary today and while meditative or contemplative prayer would be great, it would be interrupted soon by either another child or my husband or those unmemorable thoughts that would creep in and I wanted to focus. So I thought I’d meditate on some verses from the Bible. Not having a Bible in arm’s reach I started to think of verses randomly and John 11: 35 popped into my mind.

Now those of you who are Protestant, and maybe some really exceptional Catholics will jump on this verse as being famous for something silly actually, but fun when you’re a child and bragging about all things ‘Bible’ that you know. Yes, John 11: 35 is the shortest verse in the Bible. It is at least, for the King James Version and other versions have a variation, but for my purposes, we’ll go with it being the shortest. The longest verse in the Bible, should you be wondering, is Ester 8: 9 and children will often tout that they know the shortest and longest verse of the Bible and recite the shorter and then hem and haw when you ask them to recite the latter. It is long, and no. I do not know it.

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