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If you have ever been to my Facebook page and perused through some statuses you’ll know I take public transportation. ‘The bus’ is a fascinating mode of getting to and from work or to and from home, however you see it. I see many things. Interesting things. Boring things. Alarming things. And people. Alarming people.

Today, though, as I was on the bus I looked over and saw a human being. Not just ‘a guy’ or a person over there, but a human being. For a moment, God allowed me to sense the presence of this human being’s spirit and as notable, this human being’s Guardian Angel. I didn’t see anything. No clouds parted or rays of sunshine protruded from anyone’s head, but for a brief moment I sensed the presence of this person’s magnificent Guardian.

A priest once told me a good way to keep close to God as I rush through my day is to greet the Guardian Angel of the people I pass by. Well, this morning I greeting this Guardian. To sense the Angelic was as frightening as it was powerful. I knew this being was there. I did not even have a picture in my mind of what this being looked like. I certainly didn’t have any flashes of angelic naked cherubs, or even a St. George-like structure orĀ semblanceĀ of a body. It was merely a presence of something strong, of something brave, of a force.

The level of comfort that this presence provided my inner being in this moment is more than can even be described. It was just like a sense of relief after a stressful week. It was the relief when a dog is chasing you and is caught on the chain and you realize you’re safe.
I was lacking that scared feeling to begin with, but the feeling of relief was quite comforting. Relief, comfort, safety. This is what this presence offered me.

And then it was gone. The man moved on. I was walking on the sidewalk now and the light turned green ready for me to cross. The feeling was gone. The presence was back to normal. I started looking at people again. But the comfort continued. Whatever is out there, trying to get us is being held at bay by this Guardian who watches and keeps us all safe whether we have the joyous gift of feeling it’s presence or not.

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